Thomas Vincent – ‘Wide View of Nothing’
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Thomas Vincent – ‘Wide View of Nothing’

All over the British countryside housing developments pop up that destroy valuable agricultural land and potential wildlife habitat, which are then replaced by expensive, identical rows of houses. All the while throughout our towns and cities, empty spaces and absent lots stand vacant; previously developed space with potential for repurposing into affordable and less environmentally destructive living space. The purpose of these ‘imagined’ panoramas is to illustrate the sheer extent of space in Carlisle alone that could be redeveloped yet remains in disuse.


Each of these images are in fact photocollages. Multiple photographs digitally stitched together to form one seamless and purely imagined landscape image. The focus of this project has been limited to one city (Carlisle), as staying confined to a finite area may in fact work better to convey the quantity of these spaces.