About Us
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About Us

Photosight is a collective exhibition hosted by students of the University of Cumbria. The work shown features a variety of genres and methodologies, and subject matter. The topics addressed are of a socially relevant nature, from the collapse of industry to health and wellbeing. The commitment of the photographers makes for driven and dynamic bodies of work.

With the world predominantly under lockdown due to Covid-19 our concept for Photosight was forced to adapt, but fortunately the age we live in gives us access to a space that is unlimited in both its reach and its ambition: the Internet. Through these tough times we carried on with our idea to present a show of eighteen individual artists’ works, optimised for an online space, so that we can provide an ideal viewing space for the work shown.



“Photosight, as a concept, is hugely relevant today. When the world around us is changing at a rapid pace we need photography to record, measure and make sense of these unprecedented times. The photographers in this collective have been working towards this the culmination of their degree, not imagining the conditions we find ourselves in. Here they offer a considered, intelligent and engaging visual response to the world we live in.


When asked to speak to the qualities and strengths of this group it is their engagement with social and political issues, their exploration of health and history and their capacity for close observation that stand out. I applaud the quality of work that they have produced, the reach of the subject matter and the resonance with the real-world issues they engage with. It is with great pleasure that I can commend these individuals assured that theirs is the vision of the future.”

Dr Sarah Bonner

Programme Leader BA (Hons) Photography