Megan Mavin – ‘Passing Time’
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Megan Mavin – ‘Passing Time’

In recent events caused by Covid-19, the world has come to a halt and like many other countries the United Kingdom has been placed under lockdown. As a photographer trying to find a way to continue my work for my final project, I have taken it upon myself to document lockdown from my own personal view while also documenting my small community and how it has affected their lives under such strict government guidelines.


Lockdown for myself has found me trying to find ways to pass the time – as at the current time it is all we have to do – whether it be people watching from my window, having barbeques within my shared house, sitting in my garden watching the day go by. Some days may vary as sleeping patterns have becoming non-existent.


Each day goes by as if we have a countdown to when we can leave our homes freely again and see our families and friends. Yet we have no end date, no time frame to look forward to, and we simply have to take each day as it comes waiting for new guidelines issued by the government, hoping that Covid-19 has departed. We simply cannot see when this may end, all we can do is pass the time.