Daniel Dockeray – ‘Joy of Getting Old’ and ‘Silloth Under Lockdown’
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Daniel Dockeray – ‘Joy of Getting Old’ and ‘Silloth Under Lockdown’


Joy of Getting Old


Some people think life stops at 60 but they a wrong. In this project I have been going around clubs documenting people over the age of 60 enjoying and making most of life. Here they are pictured having fun and living life to the fullest, not letting their age stop them having fun. I have visited a number of clubs around Cumbria where I have had the opportunity to spend time with the community and document their lifestyle. What I have been trying to achieve with the photographs is to show people having fun and living life to the fullest, showing a sense of community in this project.


Silloth Under Lockdown


Silloth brings in thousands of people every year to enjoy the many festivals, the outdoors and especially the seaside. With the outbreak of Covid-19 the whole county is on shutdown not allowing anyone to leave their houses. In this project, I am trying to show the impact that Covid-19 has had on the town of Silloth, with empty playgrounds and business looking like something out of horror movie or America’s Great Depression in the 1930s.


I have edited all the images in black and white to show how depressing and sad Silloth is right now. This mirrors the way I was feeling whilst taking the photographs showing the empty sea front due to the local population not wanting to leave their homes with the risk of infection.