Casey Brennan – ‘450,000’
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Casey Brennan – ‘450,000’

With the new way of living in 2020, adapting to the lifestyle of being in quarantine has been extreme. With all our leisure activities, hair salons and restaurants being closed due to Covid-19, our key workers in the supermarkets have been able to keep their doors open for the nation.


This work explores and documents the working environment during lockdown. Being a key worker myself at Tesco, I wanted to show what measures the team have put in place to keep our customers and colleagues safe in these testing times.


With over 450,000 Tesco employees across the country, we have shown our true colours and maintained our customer service even with the new changes of limiting how many customers are allowed in at any one time, installing protective screens at our checkouts, creating separate entrance and exits so customers do not run in to each other and the most importantly, obeying by the 2m apart rule.


With the sudden urge for panic buying, it left our stores wiped out, along with irritated and unsatisfied customers. My day as a worker became more daunting and long, with being shouted at by customers and not having any stock to bring to the shop floor. However, me and the team at the Carlisle store kept our heads high and adapted to all the changes as soon as they were made.


For me it was very important to document these conditions as the pandemic has shaken up the United Kingdom by withdrawing our freedom to try and save lives, which is current and needs to be photographed so people in the future can piece together how we got through.